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Enrollment Instructions

Veracross Online Enrollment – Deadline March 11, 2022

Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is online through Veracross. You created your user name when you completed the online application. Payment is also online. NOTE: Financial aid awards are included within the contract. Florida Tax Credit Scholarships such as Step Up, FES, McKay, and Gardner are not included; recipients of these scholarships should send their award letters to the Business Office. If for any reason you have difficulty, please contact Sara Astorquiza in the Business Office at 813-839-5371.


1. Use the custom enrollment link from your acceptance email. This will take you directly to your enrollment page. If you do not have the email, click here to go to Veracross.

2. Enter the user name and password that you created when you applied to AHN and click Log In.

3. Update your family profile. Confirm your information and proceed back to enrollment. It is very important to add any parents or step-parents who are not already in the profile at this time.

4. Review all enrollment policies; accept and click save. Proceed back to enrollment. 

5. Open the contract. Review, CLICK SIGN TO POPULATE YOUR SIGNATURE and then click Submit. Repeat for any additional children.

6. Submit the deposit. 

7. Enroll in FACTS (see below).

You must include the $1,000 (per student) deposit to complete registration. This amount will be credited toward your 2022-2023 tuition payment(s). Your enrollment will not be considered complete until your contract has been submitted and your deposit has been made.


FACTS Tuition Payments

The Academy uses FACTS to collect tuition and related fees. Parents or guardians should enroll their child(ren) in the FACTS program within 10 business days from registering and select a payment plan and a payment method. There is no fee to register. If you do not enroll with FACTS, you will be automatically enrolled in the plan selected by you in your enrollment contract on the invoice basis. If you applied for financial aid, please use the FACTS account you used to do so.

You may access FACTS via the link below; click here for answers to frequently asked questions.