Faculty & Staff Directory

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Galina Abele

Titles: ES Art Teacher

Mary Beth Adams

Titles: High School Counselor

Allison Alberts

Titles: High School Teacher

Patti Alberts

Titles: Nurse

Allison Almendares

Titles: 2nd Grade Teacher (2A)

Andrea Arcos

Titles: Pre-K Teacher

Sara Astorquiza

Titles: Business Manager

Oddny Bakke

Titles: High School Guidance Counselor

Sandra Bell

Titles: Kindergarten Assistant (KB)

Robert Bishop

Titles: High School Math Teacher

David Bland

Titles: HS Mathematics Teacher

Patricia Bohannan

Titles: Director of Alumni Relations

Reina Borjas-Alvarado

Titles: HS Spanish Teacher

Brian Butterly

Titles: Theology Department Chair

Christopher Buysse

Titles: 5th Grade Religion and Social Studies Teacher

Jason Cain

Titles: Buildings and Grounds Employee

Kerlyn Camp

Titles: Highschool Spanish Teacher

Erica Cardoso

Titles: Pre-K Teaching Assistant

Denise Cebollero

Titles: 4th Grade Teacher (4A)

Beth Chase

Titles: HS Social Studies Teacher

Lisa Cohen

Titles: ES Instructional Technology Specialist

Deborah Collins

Titles: HS Instructional Technology Specialist

Shawna Colville

Titles: Theatre Technician

Samantha Conlan

Titles: Extended Day Coordinator

Cheryl Conlan-Leffever

Titles: MS Guidance and Learning Counselor

Mandy Couret

Titles: 1st Grade Assistant (1A)

Melissa Cox

Titles: HS English Teacher

Sofia Curry

Titles: High School Teacher

Annette Czajka

Titles: Kindergarten Teacher (KB)

Brianne Davidowicz

Titles: Accounts Payable Coordinator
1 2 3 6 > showing 1 - 30 of 168 constituents