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Teachers Bring European Art Scene to Students

This summer, two of our AHN art teachers, Sister Lisa Perkowski and Melissa Lima, traveled extensively around Europe on an art-centered trip. The two teachers are in the process of developing an Academy sponsored study-abroad trip with an emphasis in the arts for this upcoming summer!

flyer for AP art study abroad trip

Each teacher created their own AP Art Studio Instagram pages that virtually transported their current students into the exciting European art scene. From visiting Calude Monet’s house in France, to touring the Parthenon in Greece, the pair spent their days exploring, documenting, and learning about artistic styles ranging from neoclassical to gothic.

Sister Lisa stated, "I’m always inspired when I have the experience of interacting with art in person. There’s the experience of scale and space, location, and context when viewing architecture in person. There’s the experience of texture, color and detail in paintings that isn’t always captured accurately in pictures. The experience of art allows me to describe and interpret the work at new levels—analytically, emotionally, even spiritually—back in the classroom."

Sr. Lisa taking a photo in Europe
architecture in Paris

French architecture ranging from medieval to neoclassical

churches in Greece

a village in Greece

"The art department wants to incorporate a study abroad program in the curriculum with the goal of taking art students abroad every other year to experience the history, culture, and art within that region. Sister Lisa and I travelled this summer to Greece and France to plan future trips on location! We're excited to bring our experiences abroad in the classroom and can’t wait to witness how traveling abroad will change the way our girls look and respond to works of art throughout different regions of the world, and how these experiences will influence their own artistic voices!" says Lima.

If you are interested in the trip, there will be an informational meeting in September, so stay tuned! #AHNArtAbroad

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