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Students Promote Art with Community Outreach Project

Art 1 students created Little Free Galleries to promote and share art throughout the community. The concept works in a similar manner as Little Free Library, a nonprofit organization with the mission of building community, inspiring readers, and expanding book access nationwide. Like how people can take or leave a book in the Little Free Libraries, community members will be able to take or make artwork for the Little Free Galleries at our four community installation sites.

After creating mood boards and voting on the themes of the galleries, students worked together on all aspects of the gallery and the initial artwork to fill it. The classroom was set up in a T.A.B.-style studio (teaching for artistic behavior) with multiple stations of different mediums to work in, giving students the independence to make choices about their art making. They also created and decorated the physical exterior of the galleries to fit each theme. The galleries were installed at two Tampa elementary schools that are underserved in the arts and two senior assisted living facilities. Participants can now take and keep the artwork in the gallery and then make a work of their own to put on display. There is also a box to collect donated art supplies. How cool is this community project?!

Little Free Gallery
Little Free Gallery

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