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Students Excel in French State Competition

The following students competed online in Congrès de La Culture Française en Floride, the French State Competition, and the Academy of the Holy Names came in 1st place overall for the online schools. They competed in several categories: poem recitation (déclamation), song (chanson), and a play (pièce de théatre), all performed in French. Individual awards are listed below:

Déclamation Level 1 (French poem recitation): Luciana O. — Excellent, Ella M. — Excellent

Déclamation Level 2 (French poem recitation): Eva B. — Excellent, Sara K. — Supérieur

Déclamation Level 3 (French poem recitation): Reese K. — Supérieur, Caroline G. (competed above her level) — Supérieur

Déclamation Level 4 (French poem recitation): Suzel P. — Supérieur, Karly S. — Excellent (both students competed above their level)

Chanson — the French song "Florence" from the Musical Notre Dame de Paris sung in French:

Jada J., Julia G., Regina A., and Bridget M. — Excellent

Pièce de théatre — Performing a scene in French from Samuel Beckett's play "En attendant Godot" (Waiting for Godot):

Layla E., Isabelle W., Abby P., Tillie G., and Rosemary G. — Excellent

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