To Be, Rather Than to Seem

SNJM Youth Justice Forum: Connecting Global Holy Names Students

Last week, Maddie M., Maggie J., Lauren C., and Amelia C. traveled to Oakland, California for the SNJM Youth Justice Forum! They are joining forty other young women from SNJM secondary schools around the country at Holy Names University. The Youth Justice Forum will explore the corporate stands of the order: eliminating human trafficking, water as a human right and public good, and advocating for the rights of immigrants and refugees. The girls will also perform service work at Oakland nonprofits, including St. Vincent de Paul, City Slicker Farms, Canticle Farms, and Cityteam. Each group will leave with a project to complete back home to help enhance their school communities’ awareness about social justice.

At the end of the forum, the girls received the Marie Durocher Youth Justice Leadership Scholarship for their participation in the forum. The scholarship award covers the full cost of tuition at Holy Names University for their entire undergraduate degrees!

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