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Seniors Make a Splash: Running of the Halls 2018


On May 10th, the senior's last day of school, the Academy celebrated by allowing the Class of 2018 to run through the halls while underclassmen applauded them as they ran by.

Throughout the years, the graduating class has decorated their uniforms with the names of the colleges that they will be attending. This year, students colored their hair, cut their uniforms, and painted them with their school logos.

The seniors start on the fourth floor and quickly make their way over the bridge and into the swimming pool. Once they arrive at the pool, there is a party that Student Council puts together.

This year the theme of the party was "space" because the seniors class theme is MTV Welcome to Our CR18. To go along with the theme there were inflatable aliens floating in the pool.

Mary Kelly Cardillo (’20) says, “It was really sad to watch the seniors run the halls, especially my friends Sam Cano and Gracie Wipfli. I hope they have a great time in college.”


Written by: Callie Mellon

Achona Sophomore Staff Writer

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