To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Senior and 8th Grade Graduation Celebrations

The Academy’s 138 years of celebrating graduates can't be stopped by a pandemic! Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to honor tradition.

AHN’s senior class of 2020 finished up classes on May 1st. The last day of school is traditionally when our seniors run the halls and jump into the pool. Instead, students decorated their cars and participated in a car parade around campus. There were tons of proud parents and siblings cheering on the soon-to-be graduates as well as lots of honking! Click here to read a Tampa Bay Times article about this special senior sendoff.

The following week was designated as “Celebration Week” for the senior class and 8th-grade graduates. Mr. and Mrs. Raimo, Mrs. Nitchals, Sister Mary Glavin and several other high school administrators chartered a bus and surprised the class of 2020 with their cap and gown, honors cords, letters from teachers, yard signs and, of course, a red rose. The girls got to sign the bus and leave messages for their sisters. After stopping by the homes of more than 100 seniors, Mr. Raimo, Mrs. Fishman and the 8th-grade teachers delivered goodies to their graduates who also added their name to the “Grad Bus.”

Check out WFLA News Channel 8’s “Something Good” segment showcasing our car parade and graduation bus. Congratulations to the unforgettable Class of 2020!

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