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Redesigned High School Completed with Second Floor Renovations

Over the summer, the second floor of the Bayshore building underwent an extensive renovation. High school students, faculty and staff began the 2020-2021 school year with modernized spaces including updated learning commons, learning studios, five science/engineering labs, Maker space, faculty work rooms and Senior Lounge. The renovation enables the Academy to further integrate STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) into our curriculum while preparing students to excel at the university level and in life.

Like AHN's other updated 21st century academic spaces, the second floor learning studios utilize flexible furnishings while the engineering lab has standing tables to encourage movement and innovation for students. Technology continues to play an important role with each learning studio having two-ceiling mounted projectors and Apple TVs in the commons and engineering lab.

Math and engineering teacher Anne Wynn loves teaching in the STEM lab and says the furniture and technology enhance the learning experience for students. "The new STEM Lab is phenomenal! The screens allow for the students to safely share their work or thought process with their peers and encourage collaboration. The maker space gives the girls a place to break off independently or in pairs to work on completing projects, brainstorm outside of an assignment, or code uninterrupted. The white board tables remove an element of pressure in finding the ‘right’ answer since anything can be erased."

Senior Adriana J. spends most of her school day on the second floor as she has all but one of her classes there. “What I really enjoy is that all of my STEM classes are on this floor, so I am able to take advantage of the various labs. For example, in Computer Science Principles, we are able to use the Apple TVs to airplay the apps that we are currently creating in order for our partner to see our screen, but at a safe distance from each other."

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