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New Members Inducted into International Thespian Society

AHN’s Thespian Troupe 0846 inducted 17 new members into the International Thespian Society. They join more than 2.4 million students who have been inducted into the Society since its founding in 1929. These candidates have shown an extraordinary commitment to their art form and have earned the right to be called Thespians by earning ten or more points in theatre. Click here to watch the induction ceremony. Congratulations to the following students:

✩ Ann B. (A’22)

✩ Maeve M. (A’22)

✩ Delaney R. (A’23)

✩ Arianna C. (A’22)

✩ Bethany M. (A’22)

✩ Olivia M. (A’21)

✩ Madison K. (A’23)

✩ Julia D. (A’23)

✩ Amelia C. (A’21)

✩ Mikayla C. (A’22)

✩ Lily M. (A’21)

✩ Julianne B. (A’21)

✩ Sarah A. (A’23)

✩ Regina A. (A’23)

✩ Abigail C. (A’23)

✩ Georgia H. (A’22)

✩ Natalia G. (A’23)

Thespian Inductees
Thespian Inductees
Thespian Inductees
Thespian Inductees


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