To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Jessica Lamm Named HS Teacher of the Year

Each year, the High School students vote on the Blessed Marie Rose Teacher of the Year award. Students were asked to select a staff member who exemplifies Blessed Marie Rose’s favorite Bible verse, "I have come to cast fire upon the earth, and would that it were already kindled." This year’s winner, math and computer science teacher Jessica Lamm, demonstrates a willingness to go the extra mile, a desire to motivate each student, a fire to grow professionally and spiritually, and an understanding of what it takes to build a community. Our school has continually improved this year through her efforts to grow our computer science program, math club, and online geometry course. Below are some of the words from her students who nominated her.


“She has never failed to encourage me to maintain a positive attitude no matter how difficult my situation is, and she constantly encourages her students to face downfalls as lessons to become better, not as failures. She faces challenges with the biggest smile on her face and is absolutely willing to go the extra mile. She has a fire to grow professionally.”


“She is a trustworthy adult and I am able to go to her when I need a laugh or a hug. She is a wonderful woman who has a big heart that she shares with every person she encounters.”


“In terms of faith, she has shown her trust is in God and shared that with us. She constantly reminds us that God is there 24/7 and that everything he does happens for a reason. She is honestly one of the kindest people in this school and definitely an understanding one.”

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