To Be, Rather Than to Seem

High School Participates in 13th Annual Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud is a national poetry recitation competition for high school students, with the goal of providing students an opportunity to read and recite great poems while enhancing their public speaking and presentation skills. Poetry Out Loud starts at the classroom level--each student in the High School recited a poem in her English class. From each class, run-off winners were then narrowed down to four grade-level winners. Finalists competed in AHN’s 13th annual Poetry Out Loud recitation contest. Riley R. ’23 came in 1st place and is invited to represent AHN in the state competition at USF. Congratulations to Riley as well as Anna R. ‘22 (2nd place), Katelyn M. ‘24 (3rd place) and Maya A. ’25 (4th place).

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