To Be, Rather Than to Seem

HCSO Hispanic Liason Visits for Hispanic Heritage Month

This morning, Marilyn Alvarez, the Hispanic Liaison for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, spoke to the high school students at convocation. Alvarez is responsible for bridging the Sheriff's Office and the Hispanic Community, utilizing her Spanish language skills for effective crime prevention and educational programs. She also serves as the HCSO spokesperson for Spanish media. In 2017, Alvarez was chosen the Hispanic Woman of the year by the Tampa Hispanic Heritage.

Alvarez was invited by the Spanish Club to speak to students in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which is being recognized around the Academy throughout the month. Being of Cuban decent, Alvarez explained how her parents migrated to the United States from Cuba and how important it was in her upbringing that she stay connected to her Hispanic roots and maintain her Spanish language skills. Sh stated, "Those of you who come from Hispanic families, do not ever lose your Spanish language, because you don't know just how valuable that will be."

She noted that Hillsborough county's population is currently 30% Hispanic; a number that is quickly rising, and that there are many ways that AHN students can get involved within these communities to celebrate our different cultures and help anyone in need. She also touched on the fact that she is a woman in a predominantly male field of work, and that the girls can achieve absolutely anything that they can dream of as long as they continue to work hard and help others, saying, "We are in a different day and age. You can do whatever you want, no matter what job it is. It is 2018 and in my job, turns out it was actually an asset to me a woman and to be bilingual." 

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