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Grades 9-11 Awards Ceremony

Before the school year wrapped up, the High School held its annual recognition program for students in grades 9-11. Notable honors included Aspen H. (Junior of the Year), Raquelle E. (Sister Mary Patricia Plumb Endowed Scholarship), and Madison M. and Avery R. (The Light Foundation Scholarship).


Anne Frank Humanitarian Award 2022 - Abigail C.

The American Legion 2022 Girls State – Isabel B., Kimberly E. and Bridget M.

The American Legion School Award for Good Citizenship – Colleen B.

Athena Young Women of Promise Award – Brynn W.

Rensselaer Polytechnic University Award – Jenna F.

The University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award – Lexline J.

The University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award Program in the Humanities & Social Sciences – Raquelle E.

University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Program – Aspen H.

University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation & Information Technology – Sarah O.

Dartmouth College Book Award – Kate P.

High Point University Junior Scholars Program – Martina B., Cameron C., Linnea N., Amalia P. and Ava P.

Presbyterian College Fellows Scholarship Award - Kimberly E., Isabella L., Becca S. and Suzel P.

Princeton University Book Award – Madison K.

The St. Lawrence University Book Award – Delaney R.

The University of Vermont Citizen Scholar Book Award – Ximena S.

The University of Virginia Jefferson Book Award – Maggie S.

Wells College Leadership Award – Lauren W. and Estella C.

Wofford College Scholars - Lauren B., Julia L., Oliva L., Katherine M., Sophie O., Chloe P., Hannah R., Winsome S. and Alana Y.

Xavier University - Isabel B., Mary Grace N. and Avery R.

The Mayor’s Youth Corps of Tampa – Kimberly E., Camille M., Kate M. and Olivia S.

Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council – Bella O. and Lauren W.

The Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation Leadership Award – Sabrina G., Reagan M. and Rowan M.

Junior of the Year – Aspen H.


The Robert Kevin Walsh Memorial Scholarship - Josie C. (for creative writing)

The Robert Kevin Walsh Memorial Scholarship - Jordan R. (for visual arts)

The Helen Scully Memorial Scholarship - Siena R.

The Sister Irene Marie Brunelle Memorial Alumni Scholarship - Isabella H.

Sister Mary Patricia Plumb Endowed Scholarship - Raquelle E.

The Light Foundation Scholarship - Madison M. and Avery R.


Blessed Marie Rose Teacher of the Year – Mr. Robert Quinn

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