To Be, Rather Than to Seem

French State Competition Awards

Congratulations to the following French students on their Congrès (French State Competition) awards. Nine students competed, and awards were won by all! The ribbons are awarded for Supérieur, Excellent, and Bon. 

Poem Memorization and Recitation (Déclamation):

Level 1

Eva B. - Excellent

Jada J. - Excellent

Level 2

Carla C. - Excellent

Karly S. - Supérieur

Level 3 (competing above her level)

Suzel P. - Supérieur

Level 4 (competing 2 levels above her level)

Reese K. - Supérieur

Chanson (Singing a Song from Les Misérables in French):

Regina A., Jada J., Bridget M., Clare B. and Carla C. - Bon 

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