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Amazon Web Services Presents to Engineering Club

Professionals from Amazon Web Services (AWS) visited AHN's campus to speak with the high school Engineering Club. Their presentation included an open dialogue about working in the field of STEM as well as a live demonstration of prototypes.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides cloud computing solutions to companies and individuals. AWS is partnering with the PGA Tour to enhance the way spectators experience a golf tournament. AWS developed a system to track and even predict when “roar-worthy” moments will happen on the golf course to enhance the viewer experience. A prototype of this system showed students how image recognition and machine learning could be used to achieve this goal. Students from the high school Engineering Club had their putting skills on display to test out this technology.

Representatives from AWS included Miriam Noble, P’34, Head of Sales Southeast Greenfield, Elaine Chiasson, Global Golf Principal Account Manager, and USF Senior Alex Chiasson (Elaine’s daughter). From Presidio, Gail Backal, Senior Solutions Architect, Phil Filippelli, and Jason Carter helped with the demonstration.

Elaine Chiasson is very passionate about helping others find their strengths and has worked with the LPGA Leadership Academy helping young women develop confidence, communication, and leadership skills. 

The girls were highly engaged in the presentation and asked questions about their futures in the computer science field. It was an incredible experience! Thank you to our AWS and Presidio guests for joining us on campus and inspiring our students.

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