To Be, Rather Than to Seem

AHNRC Senior Night

Jaguar Rowers had a great showing at the Florida State Rowing Association’s West Districts on Saturday, April 7th. With State Championships coming up for sculling and sweeping, the rowers showed a strong standing. The Freshman 8+ (A) boat took 3rd with G. Cronen, A. Seise, A. Sneed, S. Anderson, K. McDonald, B. Kubiak, S. Oehler, D. Baez and S. Mele (c) rowing. The Freshman 2x also took 3rd with the pairing of B. Kubiak and D. Baez. The Varsity 4x of C. Moffett, A. Anderson, T. Hifko and C. Gee took 3rd. And the Varsity 4+ of C. Moffett, A. Anderson, C. Gee, M. Moffett and K. Kivenas (c) took 1st. Strong racing times for the Academy rowers secured good placing for the State lanes.”

“Saturday’s regatta on April 7 was the venue for this year’s Senior Day. A. Anderson, C. Gee and C. Moffett were celebrated as our graduating rowers. All of these young ladies have rowed all four years of their time at Academy. C. Moffett will be continuing her rowing career as a Hawk at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Crew parents and underclassman rowers came together to plan a special day for the rowers. We wish these three all the best in the years ahead!

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