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AHNRC Medals at District Regatta

The AHN crew team had a very successful day at their Districts regatta on Saturday, bringing home two gold medals, one silver medal, and three bronze medals! AHNRC will now be competing at Sculling States in Sarasota on April 13th & 14th. Follow the link below for a full list of students who medaled at Districts. Go Jags!

-Women’s 1st Freshman 8+ Bronze
-Women's 2nd Varsity 4+ Gold
-Women’s HS Junior 8+ Gold
-Women’s HS Varsity 4+ Bronze
-Women’s HS Junior X Bronze
-Women’s HS Ltwt Varsity 2X Silver

Women’s 1st Freshman 8+ Bronze

  • Emma C. A'22
  • Christiana C. A'22
  • Paige McG. A'22
  • Julia T. A'22
  • Lauren M. A'22
  • Megan B. A'22
  • Emory P. A'23
  • Lauren L. A'23

Womens 2nd Varsity 4+ Gold

  • Jayse A. A'21
  • Gracesyn M. A'21
  • Bella S. A'20
  • Oeher, S. A'21
  • Asha S. A'21

Women’s HS Junior 8+ Gold

  • Sophia M. A'20
  • Renee R. A'20
  • Claire M. A'20
  • Adriana S. A'21
  • Brooke K. A'21
  • Grace C. A'21
  • Kailey M. A'21
  • Jessica R. A'21
  • Kara K. A'20

Women’s HS Varsity 4+ Bronze

  • Katelyn B. A'22
  • Bella K. A'22
  • Audrey S. A'22
  • Eva S. A'22
  • Christiana C. A'22

Women’s HS Junior X Bronze

  • Jessica R. A'21
  • Adriana Seise A'21
  • Brooke K. A'21
  • Grace C. A'21

Women’s HS Ltwt Varsity 2X Silver

  • Claire S. A'19
  • Charlotte C. A'19

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