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AHN Mission Group Travels to Panama City

Over the long weekend, a group of 15 Academy high school students traveled to Panama City, along with President Art Raimo, Principal Stephanie Nitchals, Athletic Director Kevin Vargas, Director of Facilities Jay Kubiak, Rhonda Wisniewski, Sr. Lisa Perkowski and school counselor Emily Pantelis.

Hurricane Michael volunteers

While there, the missionaries delivered supplies and volunteered with St. Dominic Catholic Church. They also had the opportunity to visit Jinks Middle School. While the school will reopen next week, the principal anticipated many of his students and teachers would not be able to return. Many in the community had to leave because their homes were destroyed.

Hurricane Michael volunteers

Sr. Lisa and Nitchals said at the end of the group's first day of service, "Today our girls worked tirelessly making packages of food, toiletries, etc. and helped distribute goods to hundreds of families with such kindness. The operation facilitated by CRS in this church parking lot was nonstop because of faithful volunteers from the parish as well as in and out of state. We were moved by the faith and hope of those affected by the storm, as well as the solidarity of church as we celebrated Mass at their grotto at the end of the day (because the church is damaged). The devastation is catastrophic but the outpouring of support is incredible.”

Hurricane Michael volunteers

Please continue to pray for the people of Panama City and the surrounding area. 

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