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National Junior Beta Club Inducts New Members

Three 8th-graders and 16 7th-graders were inducted into National Junior Beta Club yesterday. Eighteen 8th-graders previously inducted met the club requirements again at the end of last year, making them sustaining members for the 2020-2021 school year. In order to be inducted into Academy’s chapter of Junior Beta, students must promote the ideals of character, service and leadership and must:

  • be in or entering 7th or 8th grade
  • have an overall average of 94 and above
  • not have a report card grade below an 85 in academic classes
  • not have I or U in conduct and/or effort
  • have active participation in community service
  • have active participation in local club’s meetings and events

The ceremony also included the installment of club officers. Congratulations, new Junior Beta members and officers!

National Junior Beta Induction

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