To Be, Rather Than to Seem

MS Latin Team Competes in Regional Forum

The Academy Latin Club competed with over 600 other students at the Regional Forum at Durant High School in Plant City. Our middle school team took 2nd place in the Creative Sweepstakes:

-Kylie A. and Lindsey H. (1st place in Costume)
-Hannah L.V. (2nd place in Mosaic)
-Jackson L.V. (2nd place in Model)
-Maisi S. (2nd place in Enhanced Photography)
-Sean C. (3rd place in Mosaic)
-Madison R. (3rd place in Poster)
-Jack H. (4th place in Poster)
-Sophia S. (5th place in Drawing)

Awards in Academic Tests went to:
-Christa M. (3rd place in Roman Life and Customs)
-Maisi S. (3rd place in Roman Mottoes, Abbreviations, and Quotations)
-Hannah L.V. (4th place in Greek Derivatives)
Michael B. (5th place in Greek Derivatives

Our Certamen team placed 4th overall. Players were Emma B., Laura C., Christa M., and Hope R.

In the Olympika events Hannah L.V. placed 1st in Friscus and 2nd in the mile. Congratulations to all of our participants!

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