To Be, Rather Than to Seem

MS Hosts Annual Spelling Bee

This week, the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students had their grade-level spelling bees. Congratulations to our winners:

5th Grade:

  • Justine P. (1st Place)
  • Mia D. (2nd Place)
  • Maia M. (3rd Place)

6th Grade:

  • Kamila M. (1st Place)
  • Miriam M. (2nd Place)
  • Rory M. (3rd Place)

7th Grade:

  • Alex B. (1st Place)
  • Hannah L. (2nd Place)
  • Christian C. (3rd Place)

8th Grade:

  • Laura Caroline J. (1st Place)
  • Javier A. (2nd Place)
  • Kate M. (3rd Place)

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