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MS Debate Club Holds Culminating Tournament

Middle School Debate Club Holds Tournament

Last night, AHN's middle school Debate Club held its culminating debate tournament. Students competed as teams in two different rounds of debate and were judged on the strength of their arguments and speaking abilities. This is the first year of the club, which was started by 8th graders Olivia B. and Olivia L. The girls are part of NJFL and enjoy public speaking. They began the Debate Club with the guidance of Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Hughes to practice public speaking, as well as learn more about current events. Congratulations to all participating debaters and those who were recognized for their debating last night: 

Top teams: 
5th and 6th: Daniel O., Mia D., John M.
7th and 8th: Bella O. and Olivia L.

Top speakers: 
5th – John M.
6th – Lauren W. and Amelia M.
7th – Bella O.
8th – Olivia B.

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