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Middle School Athletes Honored at Sports Banquet

The Academy celebrated the hard work of our middle school student-athletes and the accomplishments of our athletic teams from this school year. This year, we earned five FWCL championship trophies in volleyball, girls cross country, boys track & field, girls track & field and softball!

MVPs of AHN's five FWCL championship teams with their trophies--Avery W., Caitlin K., Austin A., Mia D. and Maggie M.

Five students were recognized as four-sport varsity athletes:

Elise S. - volleyball, soccer, track, softball

Reina L. - volleyball, soccer, track, softball

Mia D. - cross country, soccer, track, softball

Madeleine C. - cross country, basketball, track, softball 

Madison G. - cross country, soccer, track, softball 

Team Award Recipients

Varsity Boys Cross Country           

  • Coach's Award: Aiden J.
  • Jaguar Award: Diego A.
  • Most Valuable Athlete: Thomas W.

Varsity Girls Cross Country           

  • Coach's Award: Madison G.
  • Jaguar Award: Lauren M.
  • Most Valuable Athlete: Caitlin K.

Varsity Boys Soccer         

  • Coach’s Award: Henry N.
  • Jaguar Award: GianLuca P.
  • Most Valuable Player: Lucas B.

JV Volleyball       

  • Coach's Award: Sophia C.
  • Jaguar Award: Alexandra L.

Varsity Girls Volleyball   

  • Coach's Award: Reina L.
  • Jaguar Award: Sophia P.
  • Most Valuable Player: Avery W.

Varsity Girls Basketball   

  • Coach’s Award: Madeleine C.
  • Jaguar Award: Sydney T.
  • Most Valuable Player: JudyAnne J.

JV Boys Basketball           

  • Coach’s Award: Jamie F.
  • Jaguar Award:  Gino C.

Varsity Boys Basketball  

  • Coach’s Award: JT R.
  • Jaguar Award: Brian S.
  • Most Valuable Player: Jameson K.

Varsity Girls Soccer          

  • Coach’s Award: Julia C.
  • Jaguar Award: Julia G.
  • Most Valuable Player: Abigail D.

JV Boys Track     

  • Coach's Award: Cristiano B.

Varsity Boys Track            

  • Coach’s Award: Brian S.
  • Jaguar Award: Diego A.
  • Most Valuable Athlete: Austin A. 

Varsity Boys Lacrosse     

  • Coach’s Award: Anthony O.
  • Jaguar Award: Ricardo P.
  • Most Valuable Player: Brian S.
  • Spirit of the Game: Ethan G.           

Varsity Boys Tennis          

  • Coach’s Award: Grant N.
  • Jaguar Award: Robert B.
  • Most Valuable Player: Veyd P.

JV Girls Track      

  • Coach’s Award: Angelia P.
  • Jaguar Award: Emma A.

Varsity Girls Track            

  • Coach’s Award: Reina L.
  • Jaguar Award: Avery M.
  • Most Valuable Athlete: Mia D.

Varsity Girls Softball        

  • Coach's Award: Sydney T. 
  • Jaguar Award: Reina L.
  • Most Valuable Player: Maggie M.   

Varsity Girls Tennis          

  • Coach’s Award: Adriana L.
  • Jaguar Award: Hunter A.
  • Most Valuable Player: Kylan C.

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