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Latin Club Takes 9th at State Forum

This weekend, nine 7th grade members of the Latin Club competed at the State Forum in Orlando. Over 1,100 students from 48 schools participated. AHN won 9th place in the Overall Sweepstakes for Junior Division. Congratulations, ladies! 

-Madeleine B. (4th place Academic Roman Customs & 2nd place Creative 2D-Non Graphic Art)

-Laura C. (10th place Academic Mythology)

-Rory M. (5th place Academic Latin Grammar & 6th place Creative Original Game)

-Christa M. (1st place Academic Roman Customs & 7th place Creative 2D-Non Graphic Art)

-Catherine N. (5th place Academic English Derivatives & 10th place Creative 2D-Non Graphic Art)

-Madison R. (9th place Academic Latin Vocabulary)

-Hope R. (4th place Academic Mythology)

-Sophia S. (11th place Academic Mythology & 4th place Creative Drawing)

-Maisi S. (5th place Academic Mottoes and Quotations)


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