To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Jessica Perez Speaks to MS Students During Bullying Awareness Week

Last week, the Elementary School welcomed guest speaker Jessica Perez for Bullying Awareness Month. Ms. Perez comes with a wealth of experience as a former educator, coach, athletic director and charter school founder. Currently, she is a certified workshop trainer with the Positive Coaching Alliance and CEO of JP Coaching in Life. 

Ms. Perez talked to middle school students about the importance of having empathy for others, working on being up-standers instead of bystanders, and discussed ways in which each student can work on showing kindness and acceptance towards everyone.

The parent session, "It's All About Us!", was held today in the new middle school. Those who attended the session received an overview of the students' session, learned about developing empathy in their children via emotional intelligence, and discussed Dr. Michelle Borba's critically acclaimed, research-driven books.

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