To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Grades 5-7 Awards Ceremony

5th Grade Award Winners

Congratulations to Abby D. for receiving the Joseph Buehler Scholarship and Anthony O. for receiving the inaugural Sister Mary Patricia Plumb Scholarship, and congratulations to the grade-level award winners listed below:

5th Grade

Hospitality Award: Gabriel C.
Love for the Names of Jesus and Mary: Sophia A.
Service Award: Davis D.
Cailin Cannella Perseverance Award: Margaret P.
Blessed Marie Rose Award: Arya K.
Social Studies: Gracie S.
Language Arts: Arya K.
Writing: Sophia W.
Science: Hunter S.
Math: Max N.
Drama: Ligia B. and Veyd P.
Music: Karson G. and Savannah L.
Art: Alex H. and Bianca H.
PE: Jenna B. and Cristiano B.
Spanish: Irini P.


6th Grade

Hospitality Award: Amelia L.
Love for the Names of Jesus and Mary: Scarlett O.
Service Award: Melanie P.
Cailin Cannella Perseverance Award: Grant N.
Blessed Marie Rose Award: Avery M.
Social Studies: Armando L.
Literature: Julia H.
Writing: Chloe I.
Science: London R.
Math: Hunter A.
Drama: Gigi L. and Ramil M.
Music: Parker M. and Sophia P.
Art: Kileigh F. and Erik S.
PE: Ella M. and Bryce B.
Spanish: Natalie M.


7th Grade

Hospitality Award: Abby D.
Love for the Names of Jesus and Mary: Diego A.
Service Award: Sydney T.
Cailin Cannella Perseverance Award: Sofia D.
Blessed Marie Rose Award: Gaby C.
Social Studies: JudyAnne J.
Language Arts: Mallory R.
Science: Robert B.
Math: GianLuca P.
Drama: Abby D.
Rock Band: Lucas B.
Latin: Gaby C.
Art: Ava W.
PE: Diego A.
Spanish: Julia V.
Photography: Madison W.
Coding: Nick D.

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