To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Grades 5-7 Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to Abby D. for receiving the Joseph Buehler Scholarship and Anthony O. for receiving the inaugural Sister Mary Patricia Plumb Scholarship, and congratulations to the grade-level award winners listed below:

5th Grade

Hospitality Award: Gabriel C.
Love for the Names of Jesus and Mary: Sophia A.
Service Award: Davis D.
Cailin Cannella Perseverance Award: Margaret P.
Blessed Marie Rose Award: Arya K.
Social Studies: Gracie S.
Language Arts: Arya K.
Writing: Sophia W.
Science: Hunter S.
Math: Max N.
Drama: Ligia B. and Veyd P.
Music: Karson G. and Savannah L.
Art: Alex H. and Bianca H.
PE: Jenna B. and Cristiano B.
Spanish: Irini P.


6th Grade

Hospitality Award: Amelia L.
Love for the Names of Jesus and Mary: Scarlett O.
Service Award: Melanie P.
Cailin Cannella Perseverance Award: Grant N.
Blessed Marie Rose Award: Avery M.
Social Studies: Armando L.
Literature: Julia H.
Writing: Chloe I.
Science: London R.
Math: Hunter A.
Drama: Gigi L. and Ramil M.
Music: Parker M. and Sophia P.
Art: Kileigh F. and Erik S.
PE: Ella M. and Bryce B.
Spanish: Natalie M.


7th Grade

Hospitality Award: Abby D.
Love for the Names of Jesus and Mary: Diego A.
Service Award: Sydney T.
Cailin Cannella Perseverance Award: Sofia D.
Blessed Marie Rose Award: Gaby C.
Social Studies: JudyAnne J.
Language Arts: Mallory R.
Science: Robert B.
Math: GianLuca P.
Drama: Abby D.
Rock Band: Lucas B.
Latin: Gaby C.
Art: Ava W.
PE: Diego A.
Spanish: Julia V.
Photography: Madison W.
Coding: Nick D.

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