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1st Grade Organizes Book Drive for Underprivileged

As part of a 1st-grade social studies lesson, high school missionaries spoke to classes about the importance of their upcoming mission trips, and more specifically, the importance of children having access to books. They asked these essential questions to our 1st-graders: How can we help our community get access to books? Where is this a need? How can we give back as community leaders?

During this discussion, the high school girls inspired our 1st-graders to take action! They brainstormed ways to help children locally and around the world gain easier access to books. Some ideas included hosting a book exchange, writing their own books for children to read, sponsoring a book drive, creating bookshelves for them to store the books, filling backpacks with books and more.

HS Missionaries Speak to 1st-Graders

After much thought, the 1st-grade classes decided to hold a class store. Students and teachers donated a used or new book in exchange for a beautiful handmade bookmark designed by one of our special 1st-graders. Each student had a specific job at the store such as working at the “bookmark factory,” gift wrap station or checkout line. More than 400 books were collected during this successful student-led project!

Bookmark Factory
2nd Grade Visits Bookmark Sale


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