To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Visitor Parking Policy

Visitor parking is available in the front of the school in the spaces parallel to Bayshore Boulevard. Additional visitor spaces are adjacent to the Oak Grove and alongside the fence by Bayshore Trace apartments, up to the south gate. Exceptions to this are the spaces marked Reserved – Auction Winner and Reserved – SNJM, four spaces for Sisters of the Holy Names. Visitor parking is not accessible during drop-off and pick-up (7:45-8:00 a.m./2:45-3:25 p.m. every day except Wednesday, which is 8:30-8:45 a.m./3:00-3:40 p.m.).

Due to safety and fire lane concerns, it is now prohibited to parallel park on curbs of the Bayshore building’s front entry and exit drive. Overflow event/meeting parking will continue to be available along the West Drive, parallel to MacDill Avenue, unless otherwise noted.