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Parking Garage Procedures

Parking in the parking garage is a privilege reserved for juniors and seniors only unless necessary by special circumstance. Students may begin parking in the garage on Monday, August 21, when we return from summer break. Administrators will periodically be on site throughout the first few weeks to ensure a smooth transition to the parking spaces and procedures. Students will receive their parking tags at orientation, and they must be displayed no later than Wednesday morning on the first day of school. Below are the rules your daughter was given upon being issued her assigned parking space for the garage.

  • Assigned spot is valid Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
  • Park in your assigned spot and stay in the lines.
  • When walking out of the garage to school, students should not walk down the driveway. Use the walkway over to the bridge.
  • If you must utilize the ramp to reach your car, do so quickly and be attentive to cars backing out and going up/down the ramp.
  • The elevator is off limits unless you possess a signed elevator pass from the HS office.
  • Stay off the grass.
  • If someone is in your assigned parking space, call the HS office for further instructions at 813-839-5371 ext. 391 (Ms. Hathaway) or ext. 234 (Mrs. Krukar).
  • Should an accident occur in the garage, please notify the high school office immediately so we can be of assistance - 813-839-5371 ext. 391 (Ms. Hathaway) or ext. 234 (Mrs. Krukar)

Athletics Pick-Up: High school athletes who do not drive should remain in the gym after practice until parents arrive for pick-up. Parents should text or call their daughter when they are in the parking garage. Your daughter can then meet her ride in the garage. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the HS office at 813-839-5371.