To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Community Service

Faithful to the mission and intention that each student at the Academy becomes the greatest person that she can become, we recognize that service to others is a key component to that achievement. Our community service program is our commitment to the mandate of the Gospel, as well as to the vision of Blessed Marie Rose in founding the community of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Recognizing that each student is uniquely gifted, we provide and foster opportunities for all members of the AHN community to share their time, talent and treasure within the larger Tampa community, and indeed, in the world. 

Campus Ministry works with the administration and the guidance and religious education departments of both school divisions to provide programs for education, enrichment and motivation. As with the mission and charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names, there is emphasis on social justice issues locally, nationally and worldwide. The Academy holds two Community Service Days annually: one day for the Elementary School and one day for the High School.


The High School community service requirements are overseen by the Office of Campus Ministry. Students are required to serve 25 hours of service per year, for a cumulative total of 100 hours. Oftentimes, students graduate with many more than the 100 required hours.