Community Service

Faithful to the mission and intention that each student at the Academy becomes the greatest person that she can become, we recognize that service to others is a key component to that achievement. Our community service program is our commitment to the mandate of the Gospel, as well as to the vision of Blessed Marie Rose in founding the community of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Recognizing that each student is uniquely gifted, we provide and foster opportunities for all members of the AHN community to share their time, talent and treasure within the larger Tampa community, and indeed, in the world. 

Campus Ministry works with the administration and the guidance and religious education departments of both school divisions to provide programs for education, enrichment and motivation. As with the mission and charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names, there is emphasis on social justice issues locally, nationally and worldwide. The Academy holds two Community Service Days annually: one day for the Elementary School and one day for the High School.

Program Details - High School

The Academy of the Holy Names requires each student to complete at least 100 cumulative hours of community service prior to graduation. A minimum of 25 hours of service must be performed each year. Half of these hours (12.5) can be done “in school,” and the balance/difference “out of school.” At least half (12.5) of each year’s required service hours are to be performed by the end of the 2nd Quarter. The remainder of the hours for all students, including Seniors, must be submitted by the end of the 3rd Quarter. In the event that a student has not satisfied this obligation by the end of the school year, there is the possibility that the student will not be permitted to take final exams, leaving the year’s work “Incomplete.” Final report cards will not be sent until the requirement has been satisfied, nor will grades be available. It will not be possible for a student to advance to the next grade level until all the obligations and requirements of the current year have been met.

Each project to which a student commits herself should reflect the goal of serving the disadvantaged, be it economically, physically, spiritually or developmentally. Projects may be done though the student’s place of worship, community or civic organizations, or through other not-for-profit agencies. Under no circumstances will students accumulate community service hours for service to anyone in her family, even if that family member belongs to one of the above-mentioned groups of people. All service, including that done in school, must be documented using the “Community Service Report” form and submitted electronically through our service tracking software, X2Vol. These forms are available in the Campus Ministry office or can be printed from our website. Submitting reports of service rendered is the responsibility of the student. Up-to-date records of completed service hours are available to each student through their individual X2vol account. Students may contact the Campus Ministry Office if they need help logging on or submitting hours. 

In the event that a student does not satisfy her minimum community service obligation before the required deadline, the final report card will be withheld until that commitment has been satisfied. It is important to remember that community service is an essential element in the educational process and experience of the Academy, and our intention and hope of fostering a life-long pattern of helping others.


The High School community service requirements are overseen by the Office of Campus Ministry. Students are required to serve 25 hours of service per year, for a cumulative total of 100 hours. Oftentimes, students graduate with many more than the 100 required hours.