Visual Arts

Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Studio Art, Photography, and Digital Imaging & Design

Our visual arts program embraces and challenges students to develop their artistic voices within the spectrum of traditional and contemporary art media. Beyond a foundation in design, drawing, art history and art analysis (2D Art I), students can delve into specific media, such as drawing and painting, sculpture and ceramics, photography, digital imaging, and graphic design through Yearbook Journalism & Design. Through theme-based units, critical analysis of master and contemporary artists, and design and concept-based problems, students hone their skills as they learn to navigate the formal and expressive qualities of the materials and design issues they employ.

Students advance to AP Studio Art where they can choose to concentrate in the Drawing, 2D Design or 3D Design portfolio and rigorously develop a unique and highly competent body of work for exhibition. Other students mastering visual communication and writing skills seek leadership opportunities as editors of our Silver Crown Medalist yearbook, Echoes. Students can also deepen their historical and critical understanding of art and culture by taking AP Art History. Our visual arts program provides many avenues for students to advance themselves in meaningful arts practice applicable to the real world.

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