Performing Arts

Theatre, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Dance

The Fine Arts Department provides performance opportunities to enhance each student’s development by teaching lifelong skills that will enrich their lives. Focus is placed on teamwork and building self-confidence while cultivating each student’s talent.


Our theatre program is designed to build the three ingredients of the student actor’s work: mind, heart, will. The mind, in all its brightness, interprets and understands the text from the playwright and interpretation from the director. The heart adds the feeling and the emotional life to create a real and honest character. The will is the final component that confronts the personal protections we all have, and allows student actors to put themselves—their minds and, especially, their hearts—out there in public, either on stage or in front of a camera. The will is the final piece that makes a good student actor available to an audience with her interpretation of a role. Our program provides an environment where the student actor feels challenged and comfortable in taking chances, essential ingredients for the actor’s creative growth.

Technical Theatre

At the forefront, the Academy's technical theatre program provides our students with hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment, and offers practical production experiences in the areas of lighting and sound design, costumes and make-up. Focusing on technical skills and creative elements and the role they play in an overall production are at the center of our technical theatre program.

Students who wish to be considered for our elite technical team, which assists with school productions and presentations throughout the year, will have opportunities to apply for that program at the beginning of each school year.

Vocal Music

Our vocal music program develops each student’s individual proficiency and musical understanding to the highest degree possible. At an introductory capacity, we nurture each student’s lifelong commitment to the musical arts—whether as participant, listener, and/or supporter.

The program also sets the stage for each student to strengthen, and in some cases gain confidence, in her vocal ability. Students may advance to a performance-based program (Vocal Music in Performance—The Quarter Notes) that enables them to apply the vocal disciplines not only as an individual but as part of an ensemble. Students will cover foundational music theory, music history and its cultural impact, and how to prepare and deliver an outstanding vocal performance not only as an ensemble but as a solo artist.

Instrumental Music

Our instrumental music program provides opportunities for both students who have never played an instrument and students desiring to further develop their musicianship and performance abilities. Students grow musically through solo and ensemble work catered to their level. Music theory, critical listening, and composition are infused into the curriculum, so that students become co-creators in their music ensemble and solo arrangements. As students expand their competency in music repertoire, they perform as a group and/or individually at school events, Masses, concerts, and recitals throughout the year.


Our dance program encourages students to focus on many facets of dance, including the study of various styles of dance technique, choreography, performance, history, critical theory, kinesiology, and movement analysis. Our faculty teaches observation and analysis of dance and dance creation, while examining dance masters. Our goal is to develop creative and articulate artists who are proficient in technique, performance, theory and critical analysis, and who are able to use dance to communicate their experiences, ideas and perceptions.