To Be, Rather Than to Seem

To Be an Artist

Empowered to express, prepared to perform.

In an exceptional facility and inspiring environment shaped by dedicated faculty, our high school fine arts program is designed to empower students fully in their human artistic expression with the finest preparation. We encourage all students to try out new disciplines and challenge them to dig deep where they find their passion. Faculty run project- and performance-based curricula where students explore big ideas and practice lifelong skills, upon a foundation of techniques and concepts, and of exemplar artists and works.

With beginning, intermediate, and advanced course offerings, students have the opportunity to develop a solid technical foundation; engage in and problem-solve through creative processes; apply the formal and expressive qualities within specific disciplines; and, move into an increasingly more individualized and independent learning community where students actualize their unique artistic voices.

Fine Arts Mission

We believe the arts are an inherent form of human expression—a voice given to the human spirit—that contributes to our culture and our way of living. Honoring the artistic tradition set by the Sisters of the Holy Names and committed to the full development of our students, we foster a life-long passion for the arts that:

  • Nurtures an intimate connection between the creative spirit and its artistic expression;
  • Awakens and empowers personal artistic voice and confidence;
  • Develops students’ unique skills and talents;
  • Provides in-depth arts experiences where students make meaning, think critically, act collaboratively, and respond with creativity, imagination, and integrity.

Visual Arts

2D and 3D Studio Art, Photography, Digital Imaging & Design

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Performing Arts

Theatre, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Dance

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