To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Engineering & Technology

The Technology Department offers students opportunities to make connections between the physical and virtual world in relationship to society through the use of technologies. Electives allow students to acquire technical skill and apply design and programming concepts to real-world problems and prepare them for possible career paths in the ever-expanding technology field.

Academy of the Holy Names STEM Diploma Designation

Students who fulfill the following requirements before graduation will receive the appropriate STEM Designation. Students who have not yet received the appropriate scores will be considered STEM Designation Candidates. Project Lead the Way (PLTW) designation criteria vary slightly.

Exemplary Distinction:

  • Successful completion* of 3 STEM elective courses
  • Verification of 12 hours of internship**
  • 3.0 total credits

Traditional Distinction:

  • Successful completion* of 2 STEM elective courses
  • Successful completion* of 1 designated Advanced Placement course
  • Verification of 12 hours of internship**
  • 3.0 total credits


  • Successful completion* of 1 STEM elective course
  • Successful completion* of 2 designated Advanced Placement courses
  • Verification of 12 hours of internship**
  • 3.0 total credits
*Successful Completion means sitting for and passing any required end-of-course exams, including the Advanced Placement exam.
**Internship opportunities will be organized by the Academy. Information will be dispersed within elective courses.

Qualifying Courses

Intro to Engineering DesignAP Biology
Principles of EngineeringAP Physics
AP Computer Science Principles*AP Calculus AB
AP Computer Science A*AP Statistics
AP Environmental Science
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science Principles*
AP Computer Science A*

*AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles may each count only once as a qualifying STEM elective OR as an Advanced Placement course.


Introduction to Engineering Design (Honors)1.0 credit
Principles of Engineering (Honors)1.0 credit
Computer Science Principles (AP)1.0 credit
Computer Science A (AP)1.0 credit