To Be, Rather Than to Seem


The Math Department goal is to have students become confident problem solvers through a systematic and sequential approach to mathematics, which includes analysis, reasoning and exploring alternative methods for finding solutions.

In 2018, the department updated its sequencing to dig more deeply into the concepts of Algebra while doing less review of Algebra I skills that is necessary when geometry falls between. AHN believes with a strong foundation in Algebra, all of the building blocks of higher level math will fall easier in to place. The Academy is now offering geometry in the summer to give girls the opportunity to move ahead in math if they are ready.

4 credits required
Algebra I1.0 credit
Algebra II (College Prep, Honors)1.0 credit
Geometry (College Prep, Honors)1.0 credit
Advanced Mathematics Topics (College Prep)1.0 credit
Calculus (Honors, AB AP, BC AP)1.0 credit
Math Analysis/Trig (Honors)1.0 credit
Pre-AP Pre-Calculus (Honors)1.0 credit
Probability and Statistics (College Prep, AP)1.0 credit