To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department curriculum provides opportunities for all students to discover the enriching power, the intellectual excitement and the joy of competence in the arts. Experience in the creative process is essential to all learners. In the arts, this process involves solving problems with skill and imagination, discovering new questions and producing new ideas, objects or interpretations of existing works.

Academy of the Holy Names Fine Arts Diploma Distinction

Students who fulfill the following requirements before graduation will receive the appropriate Fine Arts diploma designation.

Exemplary Distinction:

  • 4.5 or more fine arts credits
  • One AP Course: AP Art History, AP Studio Art or AP Music Theory*

Traditional Distinction:

  • Minimum of 3.5 fine arts credits
  • One AP Course: AP Art History, AP Studio Art or AP Music Theory*

Participation in the Arts

  • Complete 12 hours over sophomore through senior years

Participation in the Arts refers to hours spent appreciating, performing, and/or contributing talents to the arts community outside the Academy.

*AP Music Theory is offered through Georgia Virtual School and has additional tuition costs to take the course.


1 credit required
Advanced Acting I, II, III (Honors)1.0 credit
Dance Appreciation0.5 credit
Dance/Choreography/Performance (Honors)0.5 credit
Introduction to Acting0.5 credit
Introduction to Instrumental Music0.5 credit
Introduction to Voice0.5 credit
Instrumental Ensemble I, II, III, IV (Honors)1.0 credit
Percussion Ensemble0.5 credit
Technical Theatre Design & Production I, II0.5 credit, 0.5/1.0 credit
Vocal Music in Performance I, II, III, IV (Honors)1.0 credit
2-D Art I0.5 credit
2-D Art II, Drawing/Painting1.0 credit
2-D Art III (Honors)1.0 credit
3-D Art II, Sculpture/Ceramics1.0 credit
3-D Art III (Honors)1.0 credit
Ceramics 0.5 credit
Digital Imaging 0.5 credit
Drawing0.5 credit
History of Art (AP)1.0 credit
Independent Art Study0.5/1.0 credit
Painting0.5 credit
Photography0.5 credit
Photography and Digital Imaging I1.0 credit
Portfolio (Honors)0.5/1.0 credit
Sculpture0.5 credit
Studio Art (AP)1.0 credit
Yearbook Journalism and Design I, II, III (Honors)1.0 credit