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Sisters and Associates

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The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) is an international congregation of Catholic Sisters, Associates and Lay Consecrated who are dedicated to the full development of the human person through education, social justice, contemplation and the arts. Their work occurs in a variety of educational settings, as well as in community programs, clinics, spirituality and retreat centers, that seek a Gospel path and to promote systemic change. 

Through the SNJMs' vowed presence in Florida and their friendship, an intergenerational community of alumni, parents, and partners in mission have come to know the Sisters and have been drawn to live their charism. They participate in the SNJM mission through a formal relationship to the Congregation through prayer, community, and ministry.

What does it mean to be an SNJM Associate? 

SNJM Associates are women and men invited to live the charism and spirit of the foundress, Blessed-Marie-Rose Durocher. We are united in living the mission of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary through our daily lives. We give witness to the SNJM core values of faith, education and service for the full development of the human person. According to our gifts and circumstances in life:

  • We participate in education to promote and respond to the justice issues of our times.

  • We collaborate as Associates to welcome, advocate for, and serve people who are marginalized.

  • We celebrate and support each other on our faith journey.

- SNJM Associate Mission Statement

Is the Holy Spirit calling you to become an SNJM Associate?

The invitation to become an Associate of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary is extended to those who manifest a desire to live in openness to the promptings of the Spirit and who have the willingness to respond to the needs of the world today. Persons who desire to become an SNJM Associate may recognize the authenticity of this call by signs such as the following:

  • the strong attraction that they experience for the deepening of their faith tradition in relationship with the SNJM Congregation

  • the harmony they sense between the charism and mission of the Congregation and their personal aspirations; and,

  • the motivation to follow the example of Blessed Marie Rose as she lived out the values of Jesus and Mary.

Curious about becoming an SNJM Associate? Email


Full Development of the Human Person

Cultivating and respecting the talents, abilities and potential of each person, contributing to the development of all aspects of a person’s life

Education in the Faith

Creating an atmosphere which invites people to live, develop and express their faith


Being a gracious, accepting and welcoming presence for each person

Dedication to Women and Children

Seeing, understanding and responding to the needs of women and children

Dedication to Justice

Committing time, energy and resources to the pursuit of right relationships of equality, justice and solidarity

Service to People Who are Poor or Marginalized

Reaching out and responding to people who are impoverished, abandoned or living at the fringes of society

Commitment to Liberating Action

Seeking with others the freedom needed to live life fully without oppression

Love for the Names of Jesus and Mary

Embracing as guide, inspiration and strength the persons and names of Jesus and Mary