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In a Catholic school inspired by the Gospel and the charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names, we are an inclusive community of faith, guiding students in each unique stage of their faith journey. 


Here, our core value of hospitality–a gracious, accepting, and welcoming presence–is extended to all, regardless of families’ religious traditions and those who may be non-believing. All are invited to share in faith activities of the Catholic tradition and are encouraged to develop a relationship with God according to their own beliefs.

At the Academy of the Holy Names, education in the faith is about enabling our young people to deepen their relationship with God, to participate in the faith community, and to live as disciples of Jesus in the world. We do this by providing theologically and spiritually rich experiences that ground students in the Father’s love, inspire them to live Jesus’ Gospel, and through the Holy Spirit transform their understanding of the Catholic Tradition. Like the relationality of the Trinity, faith formation is always done in the context of community.  Education in the faith develops the whole person: head (intellect), heart (affect), and hands (witness).

“Within such communities teachers and [students] experience together what it means to live a life of prayer, personal responsibility, and freedom reflective of Gospel values. Their fellowship helps them grow in their commitment to service to God, one another, the Church, and the general community.”  

- "To Teach as Jesus Did" (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)


Stories of Our Faith

Embracing Faith, Unity, and Philanthropy

Committed to the vision of the formation of women who are faith-filled, empathic, and just, our Mission & Ministry team has enhanced mission-centered opportunities for high school students with the implementation of mission days. Throughout the year, each grade level will participate in a rotation of service-learning experiences encompassing education, direct service, and faith-based formation and reflection. 

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