Technology-Enhanced Learning

As the oldest school in Tampa Bay, the Academy seeks to lead the way in progressive education, as was the goal of its founding sisters in 1881. For all students to acquire 21st century skills, the education system must create learning environments—both for students and for educators—that mirror those of high-performance, knowledge-driven organizations. In order for our students to excel at the college level in beyond, we must provide them with the technology tools and support they need to succeed.

At the Academy, technology is integrated seamlessly into the learning experience. Students use e-books to lighten their backpack and allow for modern note taking and annotation. Through our wireless network and cloud storage, students are able to curate information, collaborate, and connect with other learners.

President Raimo and the AHN Board of Trustees have shown a deep commitment to 21st century learning by also providing the school with two instructional technology specialists whose sole job is to help teachers integrate technology into the classroom. Professional development often focuses on effective use of technology in the classroom, including professional learning communities that meet biweekly for the purpose of assessing and adjusting to what and how students are learning.

[iPad green screen]

Each classroom is equipped with Epson interactive projectors, Apple TV and iPad document camera stand, providing for complete mobility and wireless capability.

Classroom Technology

Pre-Kindergarten iPad Center
Grades K-4 Classroom set of iPad Devices
Grades 5-12 1:1 and 2:1 Program (iPad Pro for 1:1 and iPad and MacBook Air for 2:1)
Faculty iPad and MacBook Air

Program FAQs

What is a 2:1 program?

Students in grades 5-12 participate in the 2:1 program. A 2:1 program provides students and faculty the ability to enhance the educational experience through the use of two technology devices each, an iPad and a MacBook.

Why is the Academy going back to a 1:1 Program?

Called by Blessed Marie Rose to meet the needs of the times for our children, in 2012 AHN began a 1:1 student technology program with iPads. While we found they enhanced student learning, there were limitations to their capabilities in terms of being both a learning and creating tool. We became 2:1 by introducing the MacBook Air to complement and further enhance our program.

During the 2018-2019 school year, Apple released a new model of the iPad Pro. As we explored its capabilities, we realized that it has the ability to accomplish all that we want for students, which allows us to streamline back to one device. Additionally, the iPad Pro supports the Apple Classroom platform, which allows us to better manage what students access on their devices, as well as what they are doing during class time when they are on their device.  

After researching and testing the devices with teachers as well as students, we have decided that we will roll out the iPad Pro to the 5th grade for the 2019-2020 school year. Students in grades 6-8 will continue to use the current 2:1 model to which they have grown accustomed.

Where does my child get a MacBook and iPad to participate in the 2:1 program?

Both the MacBook and iPad are purchased through the Academy and added to the tuition bill. A protective case for the MacBook is purchased through the school, however students must purchase an iPad case from a list provided by the school; please see below. Both devices must remain in the case at all times.

New students in grades 6 and 7 may pick up their MacBook and iPad the week of July 29 through August 2 in the Bailey Center, adjacent to the athletic fields. A representative from the technology office will be available daily from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. They will be available until 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 31. If you are unable to pick up the device that week, please email Kent Smith at

How much does the package cost?

Grade 5

The 2019-2020 cost for the iPad Pro is $1,300, which includes:

  • iPad Pro
  • Apple Care insurance for three years
  • a rugged keyboard case
  • an Apple Pencil engraved with the student's name

Grades 6-7 and 9-12

The 2019-2020 package cost for new students in grades 6 and 7 and high school students is $1,300, which includes:

  • a Gen 5 iPad
  • a 13" MacBook Air + case
  • MacBook insurance
  • relevant apps and software on each device

Grade 8

Students entering 8th grade will receive a MacBook Air and iPad on loan from the Academy.

The total cost of the devices will be prorated each year you are at the Academy, up to four years, and billed according to your selected tuition payment plan. Students must purchase an iPad case from the required list, below.

iPad Case List

Students are required to have an Gen 6 iPad case. Because iPads are not insured by the school, the Academy requires one of the following cases to protect your investment.

My child already has a MacBook. Can he/she just use that next year?

No, all MacBook computers must be purchased through the Academy.

Because AHN uses Apple’s proprietary system to monitor devices and deploy Apps and books to students, all devices must be provided by the school. This system is only available on devices that an institution has purchased directly through Apple.

What if my child leaves the Academy before the devices are paid off?

Each student who leaves the Academy prior to making the final payment on the devices is required to return it with the power adapter and case to the school in good working condition or pay the balance in full.

What if my MacBook or iPad breaks?

Students are expected to have both MacBook and iPad devices in good working order for class each day. Devices not performing optimally need to be assessed by the Technology Department. All MacBook repairs are handled by the school. Uncased MacBooks brought in for repair will incur a fee of 50 percent of the repair cost plus a new case at $50. MacBook cases must be purchased through the Technology Department.

If the iPad is found to need physical repair, the Academy offers discounted prices through a contracted vendor on repairs to any iPad enrolled in our system. All iPads that were provided by AHN must go through the school for replacement. If a parent chooses to have the iPad repaired through the contracted vendor, a loaner iPad may be available for a student to use during the length of time it takes for repair.

Those who supplied their own iPad under the previous program may choose to have it repaired without going through the school, however loaner devices will not be made available.

If the device is unrepairable, another fully functioning device must be secured according to the recommended guidelines above.

How will the devices be used in school?

  • Educational learning tool - The device will allow students to view their textbooks, take notes, complete assignments and written work, and create presentations and other materials on the devices.
  • Collaborative tool - The device will enable students to work with peers and/or teachers in a variety of ways and to share knowledge and information, both during school and afterwards.
  • Instant access - Students access digital materials provided by teachers and other sources whenever they are using their device. The school's robust Wi-Fi network enables access to information any where, any time on campus.

How will the Academy monitor students' internet access?

The MacBook and iPad device must be enrolled in Casper, a device management system for all students. While students are on campus, all devices are required to access the school’s Wi-Fi network, which has built-in safeguards and restrictions. The Academy's Acceptable Use Policy is updated regularly for the 2:1 initiative. Monitoring student internet activity is the responsibility of the student's family while off campus.

Will the school use digital textbooks?

While it is a goal of the Academy to move to all digital textbooks, it is not completely practical at this time. The Academy will always select the most appropriate book for each course, and those books are not always available in a digital format.