Technology-Enhanced Learning

As the oldest school in Tampa Bay, the Academy seeks to lead the way in progressive education, as was the goal of its founding sisters in 1881. For all students to acquire 21st century skills, the education system must create learning environments—both for students and for educators—that mirror those of high-performance, knowledge-driven organizations. In order for our students to excel at the college level in beyond, we must provide them with the technology tools and support they need to succeed.

At the Academy, technology is integrated seamlessly into the learning experience. Students use e-books to lighten their backpack and allow for modern note taking and annotation. Through our wireless network and cloud storage, students are able to curate information, collaborate, and connect with other learners.

President Whitney and the AHN Board of Trustees have shown a deep commitment to 21st century learning by also providing the school with two instructional technology specialists whose sole job is to help teachers integrate technology into the classroom. Professional development often focuses on effective use of technology in the classroom, including professional learning communities that meet biweekly for the purpose of assessing and adjusting to what and how students are learning.




Each classroom is equipped with interactive technology, providing for complete mobility and wireless capability.

Classroom Technology

Pre-K through Grade 4 Classroom set of iPad Devices
Grade 5 Laptop
Grades 6-12 2:1 Program (iPad and Laptop)
Faculty iPad and MacBook

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