Girls With Confidence: The Giving Back Camp

Since giving back is one of the core values we teach the girls, why not have a camp where we get to practice it? Like our other camps, each day we will cover a different topic and follow the same format with group discussions, crafts, activities, and indoor and outdoor games. Every day we will honor a local non-profit organization by making fun art projects and providing donations. This camp will be a rewarding experience for your girls and one that they will LOVE. Our topics include Girls With Faith, Being Brave, Role Models, Dealing With Bullies, and Celebrating You. Some past local non-profits have included The Spring of Tampa Bay, A Kid's Place and Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Girls With Confidence offers programs for girls of all ages that focus on developing positive self-esteem and confidence through group discussions, interactive games and activities and creative art projects. Your daughter will learn life skills that will help her become more confident and love herself from the inside out. For additional camp curriculum details or to learn about our workshops or events during the school year, email us at or check out our website at

Rising K to 5th graders

  • Week 6 (July 23-27)
  • 9:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m.
  • Nancy Lemon, Girls With Confidence
  • $300