Camp Jaguar

Camp Jaguar is one of our most popular camp options! Each week we pick a theme on which our crafts, field trips and outdoor activities focus. Each provides a fun, safe and enriching environment. Children learn through instruction, hands-on crafts, and have the opportunity to cool off by our pool! Every day is an adventure!

Below is a list of the weeks we provide Camp Jaguar. A short description of the weekly themes and field trips is included.* Camp classes are broken up according to the grade the student is entering the 2018-2019 school year. Camp activities will vary according to the age of the camper and are subject to change.

Pre-K3 and Pre-K4
Academy of the Holy Names has developed a summer program for older 3- and 4-year-olds that provides children a small taste of what a classroom setting may feel like, adding fun activities to go along with a weekly theme. Whereas the transition into a new preschool setting can take weeks for a young child, children will learn what circle time includes, how to make and treat new friends, sing songs, visit centers one might see within his/her future preschool classroom, get accustomed to a schedule, and create amazing crafts throughout each week that are sure to be a keepsake. With the lead teacher being one of our own pre-K teachers, this camp ensures love, safety, creativity and fun to each and every child. This is an encouraged half-day program for the new little preschoolers, but we also offer a full-day which includes “lunch-bunch,” a full rest time and an extra swim time at the end of the day. Let us help your child succeed in transitioning into his/her new preschool environment in time for the start of school. On Monday of each week, full-day campers should bring a blanket or towel to rest on and any other item they like for rest time. The items will be sent home each Friday.

**Pre-kindergarten campers do not attend off-campus field trips. Field trips are subject to cancellation or change of location due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances.

Week 2 (June 18-22) Anchors Away to … Summer

Bon voyage! As we set sail to an unforgettable summer, your camper will love to attend this week’s camp as we cruise the waters. They are sure to one day become the captain’s first mate as they learn the ropes of being on a ship, how to steer correctly and safely, and discover different weather elements that can occur within our oceans. Just as important on the ship, campers will also take a deep breath and dive deep into their learning of what lurks and swims below. Don’t get sea sick having your child learn the common things. Reserve your “cruising cabin” today and let our “cruise directors” take your child away on a voyage to fun on the waters. Don’t be surprised if your little camper comes home referring to the starboard and port!

Then we will sail on over to the Clearwater Aquarium to get a closer look at the animals in the ocean.

Week 3 (June 25-29) Party in the USA

As the song goes "proud to be an American,” we will certainly put the spirit into our campers as we explore the beauty around our country. Touching base on the common sites we hear about and know around our country, we will then explore national parks, the armed forces that keep our country’s freedom, explore our beautiful state, and create many crafts that celebrate our country and patriotism. Be brave, stand tall, and unite with us on this special week as PROUD AMERICANS!

This week's field trip will include a meaningful trip to Tampa’s Glazer Children’s Museum.

Week 4 (July 9-13) Carnival Celebration

Come one, come all! Grab your ticket now to join the fun at our Carnival Celebration! It's more than just balloons, music and games. Campers will get creative for the main event, become balloon experts, and celebrate our summer fun. Campers will end the week enjoying Summer on Bayshore’s one-of-a-kind carnival with snow cones, games and more!

*Please be advised this carnival will be clown free!

Week 5 (July 16-20) Out of This World

We are ready for takeoff--ignite engines! Take the journey with us this week as we explore a world only experienced by few but wondered about by many. We are sure to peak your child’s interest in space and exploration when we learn about stars, constellations, planet features, and even learn the daily lifestyle of an astronaut. We will also explore the new SpaceX program, which can occasionally be seen in our very own Cape Canaveral. Join us and be part of our space mission to truly be OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Campers will blast off to MOSI at the end of the week to explore the night sky and locate different constellations.

Week 6 (July 23-27) Wilderness Adventure

We’re going on a bear hunt! We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, we can’t go around it. We must go THROUGH it. Come join us as we travel THROUGH the wilderness this week. Campers will become park rangers for the week and will track animals by their footprints, recognize animals by their sounds, and learn wilderness survival skills. We are sure to have our park rangers begging to spend some time in a tent within the beautiful wilderness around us.

Campers will wrap up the week with a trip to ZooTampa at Lowry Park to see some of nature’s wildest animals, insects and reptiles.

  • Rising PK3-4th graders
  • Week 2 (June 18-22) through Week 6 (July 23-27)
  • 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. OR
  • 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. (K-4th grade only) OR
  • 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • $150 (half day)
  • $300 (full day)

In order to attend camp at AHN, campers are required to be able to visit the lavatory without assistance from a camp counselor. If a camper has three accidents at camp during any length of time, the camper will be asked to return after he/she is able to visit the lavatory without assistance. AHN will not provide a refund for camp fees.