SAGE Dining

The Academy partners with SAGE Dining Services as its cafeteria lunch provider. SAGE's lunch program offers a variety of healthy options created with locally sourced ingredients. The rotating lunch menu features healthy food with an emphasis on freshness, flavor and seasonality. All meals are produced on-site and are made from scratch, and menus are created in collaboration with registered dieticians. Meals are also available to accommodate students with special medical or dietary requirements.

Lunch Program Accounting

Please remember to fund your student’s lunch account if you are using the My Kids Spending pre-payment program. SAGE Dining will allow students to continue billing lunch to their accounts up to a $25 negative balance. SAGE will suspend accounts that surpass the $25 allowable overage until payment is made in full. Please contact Deneane Bell, SAGE manager, via email or at 813-831-9720, ext. 317 with any questions.

My Kids Spending FAQs