SAGE Dining

The Academy partners with SAGE Dining Services as its cafeteria lunch provider. SAGE's lunch program offers a variety of healthy options created with locally sourced ingredients. The rotating lunch menu features healthy food with an emphasis on freshness, flavor and seasonality. All meals are produced on site and are made from scratch, and menus are created in collaboration with registered dieticians. Meals are also available to accommodate students with special medical or dietary requirements.

SAGE also offers breakfast daily from 7:15-7:45 a.m. (7:45-8:30 a.m. on Wednesday), however, breakfast is not included in the meal plans. Students on the meal plans MUST bring cash to purchase breakfast items.

Pre-K to 4th Grade

Parents may set up their student with a declining balance through My Kids Spending or pay cash for purchases. Students in grades pre-K-4 are served a complete balanced and healthy meal consisting of an entrée with side dishes, a small salad, fruit and a beverage. Items are not offered a la carte. Breakfast will be an additional charge. If your child is on the meal plan and would like to purchase breakfast items, cash will be needed for purchase.

Parents who wish to purchase the meal plan by semester or year may do so by submitting a check to SAGE Dining Services.

The cost for the daily meal is $4.55 for students in pre-K and $5.10 for students in kindergarten-4th grade.

2019-2020 Meal Plan Prices

  • 1st semester: $345.60 (5% discount)
  • 2nd semester: $446.40 (5% discount)

SAGE does not offer refunds for the meal plans. Meal Plans have a discounted rate and are calculated according to days in each plan.


Due to rising food prices, SAGE will charge an additional fee for seconds purchased by lower school students. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Food Service Director Deneane Bell at

5th to 12th Grade

In the middle and high schools, food and beverage items are offered a la carte. Students may choose from the daily meal (entree and side dishes), hot and cold sandwiches, salads, pasta bar and much more.

Students use a declining balance (My Kids Spending) or cash for purchases. When students check out, they enter their own PIN and the cashier will deduct the value from the account balance.

My Kids Spending FAQ

What is My Kids Spending?

My Kids Spending is a safe and secure website where parents can view and manage their student’s dining account activity at any time. Through the My Kids Spending website, parents may deposit funds into their student's account using a credit card or electronic check. Want to see what your student is buying in the cafeteria? Then sign up and use the My Kids Spending website.

What are the benefits of using My Kids Spending?

Parents will be able to view their student’s purchases within 24 hours of a transaction. Parents may add funds to the dining account at any time. In addition, parents with more than one student can set up My Kids Spending to manage both accounts through one login and password. You will be able to view all account activity at the same time. When you make deposits, your credit card or checking account will be completed in one transaction.

When can I start using My Kids Spending?

You must complete an online registration process to have access to My Kids Spending. After you complete the registration process, the system takes two (2) business days to activate your account with My Kids Spending.

How do I complete the registration process and what information will I need?

Complete the My Kids Spending registration form by clicking the link to the right. Under Student Dining Account, select the My Kids Spending registration form, complete and submit. That process will generate a confirmation email providing your login and password. Please print this email for your records. Remember, there is a two-day waiting period before you can log in and use My Kids Spending to add funds.

You will need a working email address and your student's ID number, which the school sent home via email. If you do not have your student's ID number, contact your student's division office.

The second step to this process is to deposit funds into your student's account. After the two-day waiting period, your registration becomes active and you may deposit funds into your student’s account using a credit card or electronic check through the My Kids Spending website.

Must I create an account with My Kids Spending?

In order to pay by electronic check or credit card, it is necessary to complete the registration process with My Kids Spending to establish a login and password. Before you can use this website, you must successfully register for a login. This will allow access to view your student's account to add funds.

Cash will be accepted in the cafeteria for one-time purchases, though this is not the preferred method of payment as it may slow the lines. Checks are also accepted. All checks should be made out to SAGE Dining Services and MUST contain the student's first and last names and ID number in the memo section.

Checks should be mailed to the Academy, attention SAGE Dining, or may be delivered to the food service director's office, located adjacent to the cafeteria.

May I register with My Kids Spending any time I want after school starts?

Yes. Registration is “rolling,” and you may join at any time during the year. Remember, registration takes two (2) business days to complete, so please allow plenty of time to complete the process and use My Kids Spending. To add funds to your student's dining account before school begins, we strongly recommend completing the registration process as soon as possible.

My student’s balance is low. How can I add funds to his/her account?

Register to use My Kids Spending. Once your login for the My Kids Spending website has been activated, you can deposit funds into your student’s account using a credit card or electronic check through the My Kids Spending website.

I noticed that I'm being charged more than I want to deposit. Why is that?

My Kids Spending charges a transaction fee when you make a deposit. The electronic check processing fee is 1% of the deposit + $0.75, while the credit card processing fee is 4% of the deposit amount or a minimum $3.00. (For example, a $50.00 electronic check deposit + fee = $51.25. A $50.00 credit card deposit + fee = $53.00.)

Why does My Kids Spending charge transaction fees?

This is the cost of doing business electronically. The small fee, charged by My Kids Spending, is used to cover bank transaction fees and the set up and hosting of the website.

Will we be sent a monthly statement?

The benefit to using My Kids Spending is the ability to view your student’s account at any time–24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any personal computer. My Kids Spending will send a reminder email when your account balance is running low.

Will I need to register with My Kids Spending every year that my student attends the Academy?

No, your registration with My Kids Spending does not expire. Once you have completed the registration process, you will not need to do it again.

I forgot my password to My Kids Spending. Should I register for a new account?

No. You can request your password from My Kids Spending. Go the My Kids Spending log-in page and enter your email address, then click the button labeled "Forgot Password."

What happens to funds in my student's dining account at the end of the school year?

At the end of the school year, all remaining funds roll over to the next school year. For graduating seniors, any balance can be refunded, upon request from the Business Office, after graduation.

How will the system work when my child buys his/her lunch?

When paying for his/her lunch, your student will type in his/her PIN (their student ID number). The cashier will then see a photo of the student, as a security check, then the transaction will be completed. Students will not be able to use another student's account.


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Please remember to fund your student’s lunch account if you are using the My Kids Spending pre-payment program. SAGE Dining will allow students to continue billing lunch to their accounts up to a $25 negative balance. SAGE will suspend accounts that surpass the $25 allowable overage until payment is made in full. Please contact Deneane Bell, SAGE manager, via email or at 813-831-9720, ext. 317 with any questions.