To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Summer Reading & Grammar

The grades below are for fall 2020. 

Middle School Grammar

At Academy, we teach grammar as part of our language arts program. To help new students transition to our program, we require new students to complete a grammar/writing workbook over the summer.

The workbook reviews skills that should have been mastered at the previous grade level. There are 30 lessons that you will complete and turn in to your language arts teacher on the first day of school.

Useful resources in the workbook include a help section and answer key. After you have finished a lesson, please check your answers. If you are unsure of why an answer is correct, please use the help pages to clarify.

You can use the links below to purchase your grade-appropriate workbook. Please remember you are purchasing the workbook for the grade level you just completed. Also, there is not a school code for Academy.