World Language

The study of world languages aims to promote language through authentic and purposeful communication and cultural experiences in various settings. It is our belief that students benefit academically, socially and spiritually from exposure to another culture and the languages associated with it. Our goal is to offer each student an avenue of learning that allows them to focus on mastery of language skills through listening, speaking, reading, writing and the study of culture so they may learn effectively to communicate in the target language. Through their learning, it is our prayer they develop into individuals who are interconnected to a global society and respectful of others’ ideas, ways of thinking, practices and values.

Students begin the study of Spanish in pre-K and continue through 6th grade. Beginning in 7th grade, students are given the option to continue their study of Spanish, or they may pursue the study of Latin.

In the lower grades, students learn colors, shapes, and numbers in Spanish and progress to learning alphabet sounds, high-frequency words, and reading and writing sentences in Spanish. They explore Spanish culture and Spanish-speaking countries. In middle school, classroom activities and assessments involve students in the three modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal and presentation. They also demonstrate their cultural awareness and understanding of the language. Students work at their fullest potential and are well-prepared for their high school level courses.