Social Studies

The social studies curriculum is designed to help children develop a sense of their relationship to the world and an awareness of their ability to have an impact on their world. At all age levels, children gain an appreciation and respect for the differences and similarities among all people, a sense of place, time and culture, and an understanding of the ways in which knowledge can be kept, collected, recorded and then passed on. Children develop an awareness of themselves as unique individuals and as members of many communities: a family, a class, a school, a Church community, a city, a country, a world.

The middle school program has been designed to incorporate history, geography, anthropology, archaeology, political science, religion, economics and sociology. The primary goal of this comprehensive program is to empower students with the knowledge necessary to become active, effective United States and world citizens. Consequently, Academy students in grades 5-8 develop an appreciation for our country while also acquiring the knowledge that will enable them to successfully function in our changing global society.