Physical Education

The physical education facilities include a gymnasium, soccer field, softball field, dance room, fitness and weight room and aquatic center. These facilities allow for a significant variety of educational opportunities in the pre-K through 8th-grade physical education curriculum.

In grades pre-K-4, students work on locomotion, introductory sports skills, fitness development, teamwork, cooperation, sport safety and rules. Curriculum in grades 1-8 includes basketball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, handball, floor hockey, swimming, ultimate Frisbee, football, gym games, the Presidential Fitness Program, volleyball, softball, dance and all associated lead-up games. Students in grades 5-8 participate in physical fitness, refine sport skills, work on offensive and defensive sports strategies, and mastery of all sport safety and rule comprehension. The curriculum’s sports-related, fitness-focused approach through the grades has resulted in increased fitness levels in students in all elementary and middle school students.

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