The mathematics program emphasizes thinking critically about math and application of their knowledge. Emphasis is placed on student understanding, reasoning, problem solving, and making sense of mathematics. Students explore math concepts and are able to explain and justify their thinking. The program focuses on conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application.

K - 4th Grade
  • Interactive lessons where students engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate their work
  • Daily work focuses on a learning target in which students can focus their thinking
  • Students learn to tend to precision and model with appropriate tools, as they make sense of their work and persevere through problems
  • Through facilitative questions, students learn to explain their thinking and reasoning for their answers
  • Students practice their critical thinking skills and construct viable arguments to agree or disagree respectfully
  • Students learn multiple strategies as well as mathematical models and representations to meet the needs of every individual and lay the foundation for conceptual understanding
  • The workshop model is used in early childhood to build a concrete number sense for students to reason abstractly
5th-8th Grade

The middle school mathematics program strives to develop mathematicians who feel secure in their understanding of mathematical principals and their use of numbers so they can apply their understanding to problem-solving situations. Teachers use a multi-sensory, differentiated approach in their mathematics instruction. From teaching foundational skills to abstract concepts, students are guided in their understanding of the fundamental theories through the use of manipulatives, interactive technology and traditional practice. At all levels, teachers provide a challenging, yet supportive environment in which to learn. They work to build student confidence in their mathematic abilities and to instill in them a love of learning the topic.

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