Our program builds on the excitement and curiosity that children bring to their school experience.

With an emphasis on community, our Early Childhood program is designed to strengthen a young child’s developing independence and social skills. Our goal is to help children value the differences, and more importantly, the similarities among all people.
  • Low student-teacher ratios and flexible scheduling foster the needs of all learners
  • Building relationships with and among the students to gauge their interests and curiosity
  • Science and social studies is rooted within inquiry projects where students learn to think like engineers and reason through probing questions
  • Readiness and Writing foundation benchmarks include alphabet recognition, concepts about print, comprehension, writing, and oral language development
  • Math curriculum foundation benchmarks include numbers and operation, geometry, algebraic thinking primarily with sorting, measurement and time, and problem-solving skills primarily through concrete exploration
  • Technology supports innovative thinking and expressing our ideas to a broad audience
  • Inclusive curriculum for the whole child including physical education, media center, art, and music
  • Responsive Classroom offers community building

Fostering a Love of Learning in Pre-K

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