Our program builds on the excitement and curiosity that children bring to their school experience.

The Early Childhood classrooms and curriculum are designed to provide children with a rich environment that is both stimulating and nurturing. Four- and five-year-olds learn best by doing and the experiences they have. Pre-kindergarteners are active participants in their learning and experience this through independent, small-group and whole-group situations. Well-provisioned classrooms, low student-teacher ratios and flexible scheduling combine to provide plenty of time, space, and choice for individual areas of readiness—particularly in reading, writing, math, socialization, and faith. In addition, a wide range of experiences are offered to further develop each child’s fine- and gross-motor skills.

The Early Childhood program is designed to help children begin to learn how to organize their time in purposeful and meaningful ways, to enrich their understanding, skills and knowledge, and to further their social development. Imagination and creativity are important to further their social development.

With an emphasis on community, our Early Childhood program is designed to strengthen a young child’s developing independence and social skills. Our goal is to help children value the differences, and more importantly, the similarities among all people.