Spiritual Life

Come to the heart of Jesus. I will meet you there.

-Mother Marie Rose

Fostering an interpersonal relationship with God and developing its expression within a faith community is at the heart of students’ knowing God’s love and being their authentic selves, made in God’s image and likeness. Academy’s spiritual life programs include personal and communal experiences for prayer and sacraments in formal worship and informal settings. Engaging in God’s message through contemplation and the arts, students reflect and take new steps on their faith journey.

Liturgies and Sacraments: Masses take place on campus. Students serve as lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, gift bearers, cross bearers as well as music ministers at each liturgy. The Sacrament of Reconciliation and a Penitential Prayer Service alternate between Advent and Lent.

  • Mass of the Holy Spirit (August)
  • Feast of Blessed Marie Rose Liturgy (October)
  • All Saints Day Mass (November)
  • Feast of the Immaculate Conception Liturgy (December)
  • Epiphany Mass (January)
  • Catholic Schools Week Mass
  • Ash Wednesday Mass
  • Mass during the Easter Season

Additionally, students in grades 3-8 attend a grade-level Mass twice a month where they take turns participating in special roles during the Liturgy. 

During the third trimester, grade 2 participates in several communion preparation workshops as an extension of sacramental preparation for their First Holy Communion. A Mass for grade 2 is celebrated in mid-May, once everyone has received First Holy Communion in their family parishes.

Prayer Services: Special focus is given to primary grade students and middle school students in developing a personal relationship with God. Grades Pre-K to 2 attend prayer services and engage in parable storytelling in Chapel twice per month. Middle school students explore different prayer styles in their advisories once per month. 

Middle School Retreats: Retreat experiences provide sabbath time for deepening one’s relationship with God, growing in self-knowledge, and building community. Retreats are a significant part of learning to lead spiritually rich lives and are an extension of the religion curriculum. Each grade participates in a one-day retreat during the school year that includes team building and/or service.